KETMAK offers top quality and environment friendly products and services.

In its 22-years history, KETMAK has carried out more than 1300 projects in the field of mining enrichment and industrial refining and recycling systems in Turkey and abroad.

Ketmak produces machinery and equipment used for the reuse of wastewater from natural stone and mining facilities and mine enrichment by using state-of-the-art equipment obeying ISO standards.

Machine Park:

  • CNC Kia-Hyundai horizontal processing
  • CNC Mitsubishi central processing
  • CNC Ajan plasma cutter
  • Bulg universal lathe
  • 2 meter TOS lathe
  • 2 metre Rus lathe
  • 110 cm MKE router
  • 2 pillar drills
  • 3 bench drills
  • 400 tons friction press
  • 300 mm band saw
  • 250 mm circular saw
  • 22 various welding machines
  • 13 water cooled inert-gas welding machines
  • 1 fully automatic cnc controlled 5 meter welding column
  • 15 mm bending machine
  • Sanding machine
  • Komsan compressor
  • Tamsan screw compressor
  • 5 pcs 10 tons ceiling crane
  • 8 various vehicles for transportation
  • Daiwoo forklift
  • Akyapak 2 meter cylinder
  • Welding positioning machine
  • 4 ball cylinder
  • Computerized pump test unit
  • Mining Treatment Plant with Thickener

    Equipments: Flocculant Dosing Unit, Dosing Pump...
  • Mining Treatment Plant with Sedimantation Tank

    Equipments: Equalization Basin, Submersible Pump...
  • Biological Treatment

    Biological treatment is one of the most efficient methods for removal of the organic pollutants. Biological treatment is the decaying of the organic materials found as suspended or dissolved in wastewater by the bacteria and the transformation to the fixed inorganic compounds that flee to the…
  • Test Applications

    Ketmak conducts test studies with pre-project laboratory scale and, if necessary, on-site pilot facilities for the treatment plants it undertakes.
  • Cad-Office, R&D and Automation

    Cad-Office is the engineering team of Ketmak overcoming the requirements for R&D and P&D works and for transformation of these works to design. Ketmak prepares its designs on “Solid Works and Autocad” programs using work stations. These processes are the ones carried out in-place by Cad…
  • Pre Sale Services

    Ketmak provides project designing and consulting services before the installation of plants. Project design of a plant begins with taking waste water sample from the plant. Studies begin with the analyses of the waste water in the laboratory, then technical data obtained from the tests applied at…
  • After Sales Services

    Ketmak has after sale service with giving assurance to the customers as keeping all kinds of spare parts such as Ketpol treatment chemicals, Ketpol filter clothes, mechanical, hydraulic and electronic systems used in Ketmak plants in its warehouse. By making ”yearly service agreements” with…