Thickener is a cylindrical plant (pool) with large diameter in which just the colloidal particles remain as a result of settling of suspended solids’ important portion in the slurry and which provides turning back of water to the process by effusing the partial treated water from whole circle. Moreover, scraping wings at the decayed bottom transport large particles to the central part and so seperately disposal of that sediment is provided.

    Condensing units produced by us provide the increase of solid materials in the sludge by taking of some portion of water and by this means the sludge becomes to be able to filtrated. Thickeners decrease the total sludge amount substantially and to do so they decrease the dimensions of treatment plants.

    • We have tank productions with various diameters and heights according to the patterns of behavior (characteristics) of the sludge.
    • Elevation at scraping wings is obtainable up to 500 mm by the special reducers which are our own production.
    • Sludge is discharged from the tank only in desired density as deciding the sludge density by means of special automation program (software).